Studs and Jewels Limited Edition Leather Dog Collars

Studs And Jewels

Our Studs and Jewels Collection of custom leather dog collars come in a wealth of endless design possibilities. Have you ever bought a collar where the studs and jewels have fallen off in a mere week or so? This will not happen with a Sexy Beast Dog Collar. We hand-cut each placement for the stud or jewel and hammer-finish the back of each stud so that it is flat and secure. We offer double-layer latigo collars and single-layer latigo collars, and most can be lined with our signature soft, padded chap leather for added comfort and a punch of color. The workmanship of our stud and jewel collars is unmatched, and they will stand up to rough tumble and play for years to come.

Our stud and jeweled collars can be made for big and small dogs and we can customize a collar with just about any pattern. Contact us if you have any special requests!