Measuring Guide for Custom Leather Dog Collars

Measuring Guide

We want to make sure your collar fits perfectly, so you’ll need to measure your dog’s neck in a few different places, depending on the type of collar you’re ordering. This quick guide shows you how to measure your dog.  **The around the head and snug behind the ear measurements are for martingale collars, so you can skip those if you are getting a quick-release buckle or a belt-style buckle.**

Measuing Infront of the Ears

Around the head at the widest point

Measuing Behind the Ears

This is for head clearance.  It is helpful to make sure that you are able to slide the tape measure over the ears and back, as this is the WIDEST point that the collar will open.

Measuing Behind the Ears

Measure Behind the Ears

Measuing Behind the Ears

Measure just behind the ears for this one. Pull tape snugly.  This should be the measurement that the collar will "close" to so that the dog cannot back out of or "slip" the collar.

Measuing Around Base of the Neck

Measure Around Neck Where The Collar Will Sit

Measuing Behind the Ears

Finally, just about where the collar sits, with 2 fingers inside the tape for a comfortable fit.  Make sure that this number is what you put for exact neck size if ordering a quick-release buckle collar!

Enter the Range of Measurements

The Range of Measurements will vary based on the collar style.

Enter the Range of Measurements

Once you have your dog's neck measurements, you'll need to enter the range for the measurement on the order form. For example, if your dog’s LARGEST measurement is 18”, you’ll select the box 17” – 19” as you dog’s neck measurement fits into that range on our chart.  If you are ordering a quick-release buckle or a belt-style buckle collar, select the box that contains your dog's EXACT neck size.  We will use the numbers that you provide to make your collar.  If your collar is a belt-style buckle, we will put the neck size that you give us at the middle hole out of 5.


**If you decide to measure your dog's current belt-style buckle collar, please be sure to measure from where the leather or material rolls around the buckle to the hole that it is worn in. DO NOT measure the buckle or the whole collar from end to end.