Turquoise Purple Black Tres Jolie Leather and Trim Dog Collar
  • Shown here with black chap leather lining.
  • Up close of the ribbon.

Turquoise Purple Black Tres Jolie

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This colorful jacquard trim is called Turquoise Purple Black Tres Jolie and is 2 inches wide. We triple-stitch the ribbon to our high-test webbing to give it extra support and durability. You can add one (or two) of our colorful chap leathers as the padded lining and then pick out the closure of your choice to finish off this colorful collar. Our ribbons and chap leather are always easy to clean and will last for years. This Sexy Beast Leather and Trim collar will look great on your dog and will make a great lure coursing slip lead.

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  1. perfection

    Posted by jeanette.lovett@gmail.com on 4th Apr 2017

    These collars and leashes were made for my 2 Irish Terriers. The workmanship and quality of the finished product is beyond my expectations. They are a soft leather lined 2" fabric lure coursing collars that have been modified for my specifications into a one piece martingale collar and lead. It was made the 36" I am comfortable with while walking my dogs. Comfort, quality, special orders. Sexy Beast make fantastic collars and leads!

  2. So lovely!

    Posted by Tracy on 23rd Dec 2014

    I bought this collar for my whippet (Black and white brindle with one blue eye and one brown) for Christmas and I got this with a turquoise leather backing and martingale chain. I am returning it (through no fault of Jens) because I got the measurements wrong so its a little too snug. I also am changing the martingale to a different closing and the leather to black if possible (Have yet to discuss it with Jen) Only because of Zoes colouring. Again not at all Jens fault! She is helping me and her customer service is amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. I was able to slip this collar on Zoe so I can tell you that this collar looks fantastic on her. Its just a personal preference that I have made. Jen spent a lot of time with me to make sure my order would be perfect and I would never hold this against her. Just know that this is a beautiful collar and well worth what is spent. Thank you Jen!