Latigo Leather Dog Leashes - Bullhide Leather Dog Leashes


After designing the perfect leather dog collar, now you need a leash to go with it. And not just an ordinary nylon leash you can buy at any one of the big box dog stores, but a high quality Sexy Beast leather leash.

We have two different types of leather to choose from -  latigo leather or bullhide - and all of our leather is U.S. sourced. Our latigo leather leashes come in black, dark brown, burgundy, dirty blonde, honey, and tan. Our bullhide leashes come in a choice of 9 colors. Our leashes are available in 5 different lengths and 3 different widths - you are sure to find a leash that suits you and your dog!

Bullhide leather is super soft from the start and extremely durable. Our latigo leather is very durable, water-resistant, and gets softer and better with age and use. All of our leashes are hand-cut, beveled, and conditioned. You are sure to find the perfect leash from Sexy Beast Dog Collars.