Closures Close Up - Picking the Right Closure for Your Dog Collar

Closures Up Close

Just about every collar we make, we offer with your choice of closure. If you are unsure as to how some of these may look or how they function, below you will find a picture of the closure with a short description. If you are still unsure as to which closure is best for your dog, don't hestitate to contact us. We want your collar to be perfect for your pup!


reg-mg.jpgThis is the regular/limited slip martingale closure.  It functions exactly like a standard martingale loop, but lays flatter and neater on the neck.  This is the most popular choice for our leather and trim martingale collars.  This type of closure is not adjustable.



This is the standard quick-release buckle.  We use extra-durable Weinerlock buckles for superior strength.  Quick-release collars are adjustable within 1.5"- 2".


mg-chain.jpgMartingale chain closure


fml.jpgThe French Martingale is a collar/lead combo all in one.  Comes with a sliding O-ring for adjustment.


mg-buckle.jpgThe Martingale Buckle Loop is our adjustable martingale collar.  Unbuckles for easy on and off, and is great for those pups with big heads and smaller necks!


belt-style-buckle.jpgThe belt-style buckle is a collar classic.  We put your dog's neck size at the middle buckle hole out of 5.



The leather martingale, a.k.a. limited slip strap, functions just like a regular martingale collar, but lays flat on the neck and elminates the bulk of a leather loop.  This closure is available on all of our all-leather collars, but not on a leather and trim collar.