Stand Up Paddle Boarding With Your Dog

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If you are like us, you love taking your dogs with you everywhere. Over the years, our favorite vacations have been the ones where we were able to take our dogs hiking, boating, and to the beach. As a dog lover, there are few things better than sharing a great vacation with canine companions. Most dogs, ours included, are thrilled just to be along for the ride, but what about actually participating in water sports? And what about this "sport of the moment" called stand-up paddle boarding?

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Stand up paddle boarding is a relatively new sport in which the paddler stands up on a board similar to a surfboard and propels him/herself across the water using a blade shaped paddle. A surfing magazine recently stated that in 2013, SUP (stand up paddle boarding) had the most first-time participants of any sport in the U.S.  But, how in the world can you include your dog in this sport you might ask? Well, check out this group in San Diego called "SUP PUPS."

SUP PUPS is an offshoot program offered by the paddle board rental company in San Diego called The SUP Connection. They offer lessons on how to introduce you and your dog to paddle boarding so that the two of you can enjoy some fun in the water. In a recent blog post on their site, you will meet Maria Christina Schultz who is the author of How to SUP with Your Pup. In this post as well as in her book, she offers tips and instructions on how get started paddle boarding with your dog. Even if you don't live near beautiful San Diego, but have access to a large body of water, this book can lead you step-by-step on how to introduce you and your dog to the sport of stand up paddle boarding.

If you DO live near San Diego, or maybe are planning a vacation nearby, make sure to bring your dog along and check out their program. They hold lessons and offer boards to rent behind the Courtyard Marriott in Liberty Station. Directions and a phone number can be found on their website. They provide lessons and equipment for stand up paddle boarding, as well as surfing. If you can't bring your dog along on your trip, check out their operation anyway. You just may discover a new activity that makes hanging with your favorite friend even more fun!

Check out our good friend, Kate, with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Mister, paddle boarding in San Diego. For more SUP PUPS pictures and information, check out their FaceBook page.

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